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Plus, your company should use Google, the top six reasons

Google + for some months now, even before the last big social networks into steam. G +, the original account in Facebook, if a clone to initiate a position, a social meeting place to carve. However, in order to subscribe to the service costs, ask yourself some companies, the answer is a giant. What is the reason for the first six months?


A. Google plus  existence resources improved search results

Google is kind of a thing, your company, the parent G + Why should I, with a simple screw to use to improve SEO and search engine ranking. World, plus a new search engine, Google and many disciples +, have a tendency to show higher results than the network, things are set so that you can use actively ignored. Did you get a few questions about the legality of this method, the U.S. government, but interested in what Google is placed in the SEO company’s profits improved, at least you have your Google + type needed or executive facing ?

B.Google Plus Hangouts generate matchless opportunity for communication
It offers a good opportunity to communicate has been a little limited current configuration of group video conferencing capabilities, it ishalf human and living in the community to work with + G yet. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) staff meeting, lunch vainer, there is a possibility some companies will increase through this function in its own way, the way you exactly limited to your imagination really suddenly is. We are, Google will eventually, the number of UP approval of the venue, it is felt that the cap is actually a very 10 I hope you do not have.

C. It’s mounting like a ground of weeds
even the king of social space, increasing the amount of G + is crazy Facebook. Collect more than 45 million users on the service in 2011, he was the fastest social network has 25 million gift to remember, and great before the commercial launch of The Muppets. To believe since the beginning of 2012 good reasons that will continue to grow will be to the popularity of the network is available.

It’s high-quality to extend the public medium around
The likelihood is, if you do not use Facebook or Twitter, you can contact the group on water, driving too far, the most ever they see. Alive overweight you do well to diversify so that G + choice, content another audience reach. You are probably the most direct interaction with the client, with your help, but I used Google + as an outlet for more links and exchanges

F. Circles allow you goal your communication to the correct spectators each time
I think the real opportunity in the region of + h, which would allow contacts between groups, using various criteria, if you wish, you can create your client to the clients, customers and other employees, competitors, and the list goes on Aalen contacts are grouped so you can easily see the contents of the site , which allows you to selectively share information about undetected with the public, who have special needs with ease. …

G. You can generate product pages and they’re effortless to set up
However, in order to prevent early Facebook profiles Apple, Googlecan change almost menjehereProcesi plus the creation of a business location it is simple and painless to provide, and the word may be less able to keep the private life of  corporate and social systems.
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Social networkers Connection help even more

The new application allows users of social media to connect three different ways.


New Facebook application for iPhone and Android mobile messenger in real time to communicate, regardless of where they are designed to allow groups of people. Facebook, the social network of the main products are isolated from social media for the first time, a move suggesting how the change is necessary.

Thus, using a variety of technologies to connect to Facebook Instant Messenger, for example, allows users to groups, each contact at a time, in another text chat and e-mail using a third party. E user’s messenger addresses,

Facebook is the current time, metaphor or more specific target groups with an interest in communicating with people, and so they have a plan for the event – events and programs. To convey, but it is recommended to facilitate the movement of groups. “Until recently, it is not possible for you in real-time” chapter, Lucy made by engineers, the messenger said. Armor sheets, tools and early March to co-founder of the message is a group created on Facebook. Technical sturgeon, the largest courier.

Of course, no social wealth can receive real-time group interaction are not the only company. In real time, HTC, Google’s social network to talk to each other salient features of Google’s salad can save people in the video may be over the age of 10. South Africa, Southwest interactive tools to help people of all groups, hurricane party, a quick story about companies and organizations with predictable ring Group Me, social media sites, and this year was with the Congress, such as photographs, for example, festivals and shows, real-time communication.
Except when Facebook already bought armor.

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