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Social networkers Connection help even more

April 26, 2012

The new application allows users of social media to connect three different ways.


New Facebook application for iPhone and Android mobile messenger in real time to communicate, regardless of where they are designed to allow groups of people. Facebook, the social network of the main products are isolated from social media for the first time, a move suggesting how the change is necessary.

Thus, using a variety of technologies to connect to Facebook Instant Messenger, for example, allows users to groups, each contact at a time, in another text chat and e-mail using a third party. E user’s messenger addresses,

Facebook is the current time, metaphor or more specific target groups with an interest in communicating with people, and so they have a plan for the event – events and programs. To convey, but it is recommended to facilitate the movement of groups. “Until recently, it is not possible for you in real-time” chapter, Lucy made by engineers, the messenger said. Armor sheets, tools and early March to co-founder of the message is a group created on Facebook. Technical sturgeon, the largest courier.

Of course, no social wealth can receive real-time group interaction are not the only company. In real time, HTC, Google’s social network to talk to each other salient features of Google’s salad can save people in the video may be over the age of 10. South Africa, Southwest interactive tools to help people of all groups, hurricane party, a quick story about companies and organizations with predictable ring Group Me, social media sites, and this year was with the Congress, such as photographs, for example, festivals and shows, real-time communication.
Except when Facebook already bought armor.

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